Friday, March 21, 2008

Speaking of ties...

I have a feeling that Richardson's endorsement of Obama today is a soft introduction to the fact that Obama will select Richardson as his running mate. This concerns me on some levels, for which, frankly, I hope that my instinct is incorrect.

It seems to me that a valid and prescient fact to keep in mind is that the majority of this country's population is not composed of the more liberal/progressive and race acclimatized folks ( like myself ) found in and around the metropolitan centers of the coastal areas, such as where I now reside and have so for close to 20 years. I hope that Democrats are not so busy praising the emperor and his new clothes with misted and glowing eyed chants of "change,change" that they overlook the importance of picking someone who can actually win! I'm not saying that an Obama/Richardson ticket absolutely isn't winnable, and God knows if they are chosen I will support them all the way, but I have lingering doubts.

I'll have to go to some obscure analogy which always works best for me; I could have worn one of my sparkling, hyper-colored ties to a recent funeral service that I attended. I love those ties and I feel that they more accurately represent who I am. They're filled with pizazz and vibrancy ( symbolic of Obama ). And while a few of the attendees ( symbolic of liberal/progressives like myself ) may have agreed with my tie selection had I chosen such , the majority of them probably would have thought it too over-the-top, disrespectful and in poor taste ( unfortunately, symbolic of a very large section of the country). The important thing is that they would have said nothing to me, though they most certainly would have thought unkind things and undoubtedly vocalized their feelings to each other on the long drive home ( i.e. the voting booth) . Being that all the attendees were all there for the common good of supporting our friend through loss and hardship ( symbolic of all Democrats) , I opted for the more conservative, yet equally effective, darker tie ( symbolic of - gulp- McCain ) which is what most everyone else would have done in the same situation ( symbolic of the voting booth).

If we ended up with an Obama/Richardson ticket against McCain - a choice between two brightly colored, cocktail hour ties and one conservative, business meeting, power tie - in these sobering times, which do you think middle America will choose to wear to the inauguration? I must admit that I'm not sure. And that uncertainty frightens me. Yes. Frightens. We simply can not afford, on countless levels mind you, another Republican in the White House!

Now - speaking of ties, I'm going to save my pennies and get a few of these beauties!

Of course, my birthday is only a couple of months away....

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