Monday, March 10, 2008

Happy & Robust Victorian Couple w/ Butterfly

I had a rather busy weekend and wasn't able to drop into my blog as I wanted. It involved a rather tedious and white knuckle 3 hour drive from where I am now through horrendous rain and high wind to visit a close friend. Then, an afternoon at the Hirshhorn Museum where I saw this amazing exhibit ( After this exhibit, I'll never see Fay Wray being introduced to King Kong in the same way ever again.

My friend and I were literally about to enter his studio to paint just as the high winds caused a massive power outage across the region. It left us along with his wife and lovely baby sitting in total darkness. Thank goodness for candles and my trusty Tarot deck which made the evening fly by.

The above image is one that I posted yesterday afternoon and is from my wonderful box of vintage photos. I love the smirked expression on her face as if she is about to burst into laughter. I can tell by the slightly parted lips of the robust fellow next to her that he must of just uttered something under his breath like "take the flippin' photo already" just as the flash went off.

Plus, you just have to love the butterfly hair comb on her head, now probably an antique piece of jewelry somewhere.

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