Tuesday, July 10, 2007


Hey - It's Self-Portrait Tuesday...

It’s also hotter than the surfaces of a thousand suns outside here in the Garden State. According to accuweather.com, it’s 92 degrees with an air temperature of 108! That would explain why I saw tumbleweeds, iguanas, and sun bleached cow skulls in my front yard this morning as I went on my power walk. The power walk which turned out to be a grueling “I don’t think I can make it” trek across the desert otherwise known as the local park.

I am like a delicate flower in the sun I’m afraid. In fact, this afternoon an eager honey bee decided to visit the locks of my golden hair. I didn’t notice until I heard that spine chilling drone of buzzing wings ever so close to my ear.

I could sense the angry bee's frustration and I expected it to deeply plant its painful stinger into my innocent scalp at any moment. Surely, the bee mistook me for a giant sun flower of some sort. In any event, my fear driven quick and spasmodic interruptive dance of running my fingers back and forth at the speed of light through my short summer buzz quickly freed both the intruder and myself from misfortune.

The only time that I have been stung by a bee was when I was a child. It was during the the height of Summer in my home town in Kentucky. Naturally I was barefoot. I saw the bee serenely circumnavigating the head of a clover gently gathering pollen. I remember having one of those very silly thoughts that only experimental children have which was, "I wonder if if step on Mr. Bee if it would sting me". I did and it did. Lesson learned. On day, I'll write about the time I had another silly childhood thought involving a plastic garment bag and the threat of suffocation.

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