Friday, July 13, 2007

Friday the 13th

Hey - It’s Friday the 13. I just made that realization moments ago. I have never had much of a problem with this particularly numbered day. Though, just 10 minutes ago as I stumbled groggily through the kitchen in an attempt to prepare my morning coffee, I placed my bare foot squarely in the middle of a warm puddle of cat vomit (complete with stomach churning sticky phlegm saturated hair balls) lovingly left by one of the two feline varmints that I allow to share my living space.

Could that be a “Friday the 13th” phenomenon? No, I think that was just bad timing - or very good cat positioning - depending on your point of view.

It is Friday - in any event - and I have had a very full week. I’ve had some very good studio days, was able to catch up on some digital design work, and I was able to share some very enjoyable social time with close friends. I watched Michael Moore’s “Sicko” during the week and loved it.

Though it was preaching to the choir, the truthful documentary (the facts are out there - and easily verifiable - regardless of what the corporate whores and right-wing lovin’ “infotainers” are saying)

a complete roller coaster of emotion from humor to sadness, empathy, and disgust.

I have never lived through a time in this country when I felt that those in charge were so thoroughly corrupt and spiritually filthy as those at the helm now. How many people will it take to realize that the emperor is wearing nothing at all? How much more damage to the national psyche must be tolerated at the hands of these greedy, small thinking, patrician, self-important, corrupt, hypocritical, bitter freaks in the White House?

I really believe now that they TRULY DON'T CARE about anyone that isn't a member of their economic class, their religion, their skin color, their sexual orientation, their ethnic background. It's important to notice that I have "economic class" listed as first and foremost because money really and truly is their God and they will do anything at any expense to get it and keep it. ANYTHING. It doesn't matter what gets destroyed (whether it's a small country, or a hurricane ravished American City, or our wildlife and nature preserves, or our Bill Of Rights, or thousands upon thousands of lives) as long as the final outcome is money and power. If you think that this isn't true, then you have drunk their Kool-Aide and you are truly delusional.

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