Monday, August 28, 2006

"She Hates Me" - not really...

Well - the close of another Monday. Weather wise, the whole weekend was humid and overcast. The light was a diffused white/smokey haze from sunrise to sunset.
Friday night, George and I went up the street to this hip coffee shop and watched "She Hates Me" (great musicians, badly designed website) perform.

I had seen them once before but only briefly. Though the coffeehouse was uncomfortably warm and there was more than one overtly loud and obnoxious buffoon in the audience, the performance was really enjoyable. Shannon McGill's voice is simply angelic and touched with a haunting rustic quality. She has wonderful phrasing and intonation which blends perfectly with Kevin Sullivan's masterful guitar work.

I also spent some of the weekend and today finally finishing my My Space site. Feel free to visit by clicking here:

I also was informed by one of my curators that the current issue of the international published magazine of high-finance " Trader Monthly " has a photograph containing of one of my works featured prominently in an article entitled "30 Under 30: The top young talent currently slaying the capital markets. " The photograph is of Josh Slavitt (of the firm BNP Paribas of New York). He's one of the "30 under 30" and in the photograph he is standing right underneath my work entitled "Le D├ęsir Secret". Gotta love free publicity.

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