Tuesday, August 29, 2006

The most intimate and internal things in the world...

Here is the latest bizarre email that I have recieved in reference to stocks of some sort.

"No, the young are slaves to dreams; the old servants of regrets. There was a short round jacket with a high, rolled collar. Then Anthony saw that Carlo Cibo was sitting on the chest laughing. The custom imparts a certain tone and discipline to a tropical community.

I shall take it up with the ecclesiastical authorities. What will anything matter fifty years from now to Carlo Cibo? He is no fool I can tell you, that old man. I play them off one against the other and go my own way. Complete darkness descended except where the doll stood in a kind of foul light. Father Trajan thrust his hands into the chest and pulled out the Madonna proudly. You see, said Cibo quietly, as they mounted the broad steps to the Paseo. As for the peccadillo of the soul I leave that to the church; heroics to the military.

He wondered if all events for Cibo inevitably resulted in more and better food. Clothes were, he felt, the most intimate and internal things in the world. It is the firm of Cuesta and Santa MarĂ­a. He is always steered in the direction which his bowsprit indicates. If it had not been for that he would have plunged out in his sleep into the garden below.

He pushed Anthony by the arm toward the black emanation in the corner. It understands us instinctively by just remembering itself. He remembered a naked child in the vestibule of the Casa da Bonny feather. "

A little online research informed me that this probably an excerpt from the novel “Anthony Adverse”, written by Hervey Allen

and made into a film in 1936. According to one source the novel was the “greatest best seller of its day, and was only surpassed when Margaret Mitchell wrote Gone With The Wind”. As to why an excerpt appeared today in my email sent by a stranger with the dubious name of Clair. Who knows.

I do know that while I was on my 4 mile high speed exercise walk this morning a black fast moving SUV sped by and someone inside yelled “asshole” at me. I couldn’t figure out why that happened and it stuck with me for a minute.

I didn’t know the occupants and only even glanced towards the vehicle after the vocalization had occurred. It wasn’t until about 10 minutes later after I had turned around the bend of the large park did I notice a friendly looking fellow drive by. He was probably in his early 30’s, clean cut gent. Our eyes met briefly as I was walking and a slight smile came across his face. It was then that he lifted up his hand and offered me a peace sign. And then I knew. He must had seen the button that I was wearing...


And so. sadly, had someone in the SUV. Someone so brainwashed by what’s happening in our world, especially by our government, that they felt the need to call me, a perfect stranger walking down a street, an asshole.

Because I was wearing a peace button. What does this kind of behavior remind you of folks?


Be careful out there fellow peace lovers...

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