Thursday, August 24, 2006

Little button - big message

See this little button?

What is the first word that pops into your head when you see it?

I ordered mine from shortly after the fiasco in Iraq began.And here is why. Because symbols are incredibly powerful and Peace is beautiful. If you are old enough to read or speak then you know the what the peace symbol means when you see it. I try to wear this little button every day. I own more then one and keep them about the house to make it even more easier to grab it and pin it onto my shirt when I'm heading out the door.

In my opinion, since everyone knows what this symbol means, the first second they see it, the word PEACE is spoken in their head. Whether they agree with it or not, or want it or not, the "little button with the big message" has planted the word PEACE in someone's psyche. It is impossible to see the symbol and not hear the word PEACE in your head. Imagine if everyone in the world spent just 60 seconds a day repeating the word PEACE ( or its equivalent in the language of their choice) as a silent meditation. What do you think would happen? There is power in that word - and if I can help someone speak the word in their mind even for a second, then I feel like I'm doing something to help end this futile, wasteful war and to help build something beautiful. What realy makes me happy is when someone asks me where they can get or tells me that they are going to find one that they have had in the bottom of some shoebox from the past somewhere. If you have one of those, then now is the time to pull it out and wear it proudly or order some now from Give them to family and friends, even complete strangers. Just spread the word.

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