Thursday, June 29, 2006

Now, that - that is a hat!

It's Thursday, June 29th, 2006. I decided to spend a long weekend at the beach house - so, after getting up at 4:30 AM and hitting the road at 5:15 AM (sounds crazy - but if you have ever driven in "heading to the beach for a holiday weekend" traffic – you’ll understand why such things must be done) here I am at the beach.

Even with leaving the house at 5:15 AM, the traffic was heavier than usual. Fortunately, none of the roads that I use for my route were
closed due to flooding so I made the trek in about 2 hours – which is the norm.

The image above is a painting that I finished a couple of days ago. The next piece that I’ll be working on, if my friend Larry finds the vintage photos of his aunt, will be a commission work for him. If his search is successful, he’ll be bringing the images over tonight. The first commission work I made for him was one of his father. I loved the way it came out.

It was based on a tiny black and white photo both photograph of him that Larry had from the 1950’s. Larry was in the original photo, but he only wanted his father in the painting. By the way - I ran across this photo today of the lovely Catherine Deneuve probably from the early 60's. Now, that - that is a hat!

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Sir Cumstance said...

What a wonderful picture of Catherine Deneuve! Your artwork is amazing. I find your blog very handsome... I mean interesting :)