Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Self-Portrait Tuesday and then some...

Today is June 27th, 2006. It’s another overcast day here on the east coast, but the sun has been peeking out a bit from behind the clouds. I’m sitting on the front porch swing watching the mocking birds, again, swoop at other critters than hap to close to the nest. This is of course, an easy thing to do, as the nest is snuggly in the middle of a hedge that lines the front sidewalk of the neighbors yard. It would be like putting a cardboard box in the middle of Times Square, standing in it, and attacking anyone that came too close.

I noticed this morning that the mockingbirds have been eating my precious raspberries from the bush that I have been tending to so diligently since I first noticed it at the beginning of May. I’ve had quite a bunch of berries from it since then however, so I don’t mind if a family of birds that I like so much plucks a few for her hatchlings. If some remain and I happened to be by the bush at the right time, then I’ll take those and be pleased with it.

Being that it is Tuesday, here’s something that I haven’t done in a while, Self-Portrait Tuesday. So, here it is for Tuesday, June 27th, 2006.

Now, even though some of my words form before may have read as very sweet, I’m actually in somewhat of a cynical mood today for whatever reason. And, as being in such, I decided to create a new addition to my blog which I will call “WHO GIVES A FLYING F***K!!”. This will be a cousin, if you will, of one of my favorites that appear on the pages of my blog on occasion that I call “WTF??!!”. If you have been one of the, let’s say – 12, readers of this blog, you already know that I post a “WTF??!!” when I come across a story that I find particualry unbleivable or inane. I usually use this when after reading a story I find myself asking myself, “how could someone do something like that?” or “what the hell were they thinking?”, or simply, “What the f***k!”.

Now, with the addition of “WHO GIVES A FLYING F***K!!”, I have a place to post occasional articles that make me ask that exact question after I have read or sometimes, even just cast my eyes across them. I have prepared a graphic for this use and here it is. Drum roll please….

Tee Hee. isn't it cute? Feel free to save it and use it yourself on your own blog, though it would be nice to credit me somewhere. And now here is the first entry for my new WGAFF section of my blog. It is a news story about Henry Potter author J.K. Rowling. Now, I know some of you may actually care about the following news item, but in opinion, when there are so many other stories that should be reported in mainstream news ( like the incompetence of our country’s current administration and the futility of the “war” in Iraq) and I come across some thing like this, it makes me, as in the words of Marvin Gaye, “throw up my hands in holler” – I’ve just added a big “WHO GIVES A FLYING F***K!!”. Here is the story, if you really give a F***K, feel free to click.

Rowling: Two 'Potter' Characters Will Die

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