Friday, August 28, 2009

Foodstuffs of Hell

Foodstuffs of Hell, originally uploaded by sprouseart.

I came across this online and I just couldn't resist.

It seems that in the 1950's, a special ingredient in VanCamp's Pork and Beans had the ability to snatch your soul from your body and replace it with some demonic nether-force capable of only thinking the most sinister of thoughts. Clearly, this illustration hints at little Timmy's desire to drag Santa behind the wheels of a mid-town bus after cutting the brake cable with his Jr. Swiss Army Knife.

Fortunately, the transformation only seemed to last as long as it took to get to the bottom of the can. Cases were relatively few, due simply to the fact that most folks had no desire to consume and entire can of Pork and Beans in one sitting. So, sprinkling some, say, over a hot dog, resulted in just a tad bit of wickedness. This discovery introduced "Van Camp's Pork and Beans Evil Lite" in the early 70's, but it didn't test well with the public.

And of course, the catchy jingle, 'beans, beans, good for your heart - the more you eat, the longer your soul explores the dark recesses of the pit of hades" inevitably was changed to it's present day low-brow version.

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