Thursday, February 21, 2008

Sibs & Shamrocks

Sibs & Shamrocks, originally uploaded by sprouseart.

This photo was one in a box of about 200 hundred that was given to me by a friend who found them abandoned in a home that was being gutted. It was an amazing treasure trove of images that run anywhere from the 1860's to the late 1950's. This particular image is on a rough edged hand cut piece of photographic paper that seems to have missed being adhered to cardboard somehow. I'm guessing this to be anywhere from around 1885 to 1900. I love her shamrocks.

We had a giant box of photos in the house that I grew up in as well. But, even by today's standards, the photo's weren't that old. I'm guessing that the oldest of the photos in that giant box were taken in the mid-50's with the exception of less than 10 that were from my mother's childhood in the late 1940's. I'm not sure what became of those photos now that I think about it. I have some, very few, maybe 5. I think, and hope, that my other siblings may have the rest, perhaps in big boxes of their own.

But this box that was given to me by friend has images that appear to date back to the 1860s easily. It really is amazing. I'll scan and post them here periodically.

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