Friday, February 22, 2008

Pink Champagne Diet

Pink Champagne, originally uploaded by sprouseart.

Hmmm. Now this is an intriguing diet. Loose 40 pounds in 4 weeks drinking nothing but Pink Champagne eh? Well, chances are that she or he did loose 40 pounds - along with some other things, like their job, their significant others, their liver functionality, perhaps even their self-respect as they fell dazed and half dressed out of the back of a customized van in the parking lot of a Wall Mart in Topeka Kansas amid the hungover headache splitting sounds of empty Pink Champagne bottles clanking together and breaking into a million little shards of dark green glass atop the pavement.
But, I must admit, the idea of losing 40 pounds of bulging fat while partying for 4 weeks straight does sound tempting. In fact, I think this diet maybe more popular than you may think...

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