Thursday, April 12, 2007

WTFF??!! Thursday

It's raining like mad on this chilly Spring Thursday morning. It's raining enough that I think that there is a strong possibility that the run off may seep underneath the heavy metal door of my studio. That means that I will have to battle with the cumbersome wet-vac for a bit today. What fun!

It also happens to be WTF??!! Thursday - and here is my WTF??!! for today. It seems that important (and more than likely incriminating) emails from White House staffers have "potentially been lost". You can read the details in the story from ABC news, but it is infuriating, in my opinion, to say the least. Infuriating, and also pathetic.

The current administration in the White House has created, and perpetuated, such abundant lies that it is practically impossible to know when they are, or if, they are ever speaking the truth about anything. This latest trick only exposes more of the sliminess and chicanery.

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