Thursday, August 04, 2005

The world may never know.....

My partner George and I went out to dinner last night with our friends Larry and Tom. We took them to a recent discovery called “La Quezelteca”. It’s a wonderful Mexican restaurant in the middle of nowhere. It’s huge ( it may have been an old skating rink at one time), the food and service is great and very authentic, and on Wednesday nights they have kick-ass $1.99 Margaritas.

I wish this were it, but it isn't. Though, it has a simular look and feel minus the giant hats and cool retromobiles. After we finished and we’re on our way out, Tom discovered a huge glass canister filled with Tootsie Drop Pops.

So, we each grab one (my favorite is Raspberry), and we head back home. Which is when this little guy pops into my head.

Which made me say with my best Mr. Owl voice
“One. Two. Three.”

This of course triggered the same imagery in the heads of everyone in the car and a friendly debate began as to when the commercial was on air. I did some online research and discovered that it first aired in 1970. The year in which I was 5 years old.

I also discovered that it is known as one of the most popular commercials of all time and that when you put “owl” and “tootsie” in a search engine, you will get over 35,000 hits.


I couldn’t seem to locate an web cast version of the commercial, but I did find this.
Just looking at the graphics made me feel briefly like a wide eyed happy little boy…

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Lori-Lyn said...

Yay. Love! (That is not an actual sentence, but I hope it conveys my feelings.)