Tuesday, August 02, 2005


It's a little after 9PM and I've been in the studio most of the day. I received a nice email from my friend Randi Rhodes today about my latest work. She's a kick-ass wonderfully liberal talk radio personality out of NYC. We fell into an internet friendship about 2 years ago shortly after I first called her show and she went to my site live on the air.

I think she is amazing and I suggest that anyone with liberal sensibilities tune into her show. I stream it live off of airamericaradio.com or you can do the same thing at her site at http://www.therandirhodesshow.com/live/

We email each other about this and that and, well, I just think she's amazing.

So, I haven't done this in a while but here is a WTF??!! for today.... First, the official WTF photo lead in.

It's an article from the Progressive magazine about an art exhibit in California.

Now, especially if you're an artist like myself, that article will really make you say WTF??!! After I sent the article to my friend Randi, she emailed me back this
"The world is becoming a place I don't recognize as my own."

Alas. By the way, here is the latest work that I finished today. It's titled "Chapeau VII" and it measures 36" x 36". Acrylic on canvas.

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anessa said...

Regarding Mr. Pearcy's flag in the toilet painting....

Not surprisingly, I really don't see it as anti-American.

I see it more as a wake up call, an intervention of sorts. He's just saying, "Look folks, it REALLY has become THAT BAD".

He obviously doesn't want to flush his country...
No, in fact, he loves his country so much he's willing to risk brutal patriotic hostility from people, such Ms. Thomas, to get her back on track.

He's shocking people, yes, (apparently, some more than others) and stirring up quite a storm...
but isn't that far better than sitting by and watching America drown in the current administration's bravado?

I feel like our country is spinning out of control like some sort of ego-junkie.

I think my passive protesting might be a thing of the past. I probably should start speaking up before those rights are revoked, too.

I'm fired up...and now I'm going to go paint Ms. Thomas in a toilet.