Tuesday, April 26, 2005

The Timeless Question of the Day - What have I DONE??

Gosh. Don’t you just hate it when the words in the image above come flying out of your mouth? Seems like it happens all of the time. I ran across this image on the net and I just couldn’t pass it up. So, of course, I had to come up with a few “situations” where someone would ponder that question…..like
  • Throwing your fiancé’s wedding dress in the wash with your oily overalls
  • Confusing the box of vintage Hustler magazines with the box of new comic books earmarked for the Toys for Tots campaign.
  • Placing your new eco-friendly recipe “Sun Chicken” ( a lot like Sun Tea - only different ) on the buffet line at the annual 4th of July family reunion.
  • Celebrating your promotion to Vice President at the software development company where you work by becoming so drunk at an investor appreciation party held by the board members of the company that you pass out on the dance floor and urinate upon yourself while your wife screams “I knew this would happen - you do this every fucking time!”.
Ouch. That one I have seen happen with my own eyes. Poor chap.

Well, there you go. Fill free to comment or email me any more additions to the timeless question of the day.


Mandy said...

Or- what about when you send to all of your crazy friends an email that's chock full of porn and filthy language. With a little chuckle to yourself you hit "send" only to realize one second later that that porn-laden email is on it's way to Hot Springs, AR- straight to Gramma's house.
Dear Lord....

Kim said...

How about this one?

You see your ex with a new woman...one you thought was married. When you run into the husband of said woman, you say, "Hey there, sorry to hear about your divorce, I had no idea!"

He says, "What divorce? What makes you think I'm divorced?"

At that moment, with palms beginning to sweat profusely, mind backpedaling at the speed of light, you ponder your next comment, which is something like....


("Dear Lord, what have I DONE??")

Sudden paralysis sets in, but is quickly interrupted with flashbacks of exactly WHY you have divorced this dog of a man and how you are now looking at the next casualty of his blatant doggie-style philandering.