Friday, April 29, 2005

Let he who have no tread......

Here’s a surreal exchange that I witnessed today at the tire store. The following conversation took place between the only three people behind the counter.

OLDMAN 1: (loud enough to be heard by all in earshot) They say that Social Security will be bone dry by the year 2020.

OLDMAN 2: ( equally as loud) They do, do they?

OLDMAN 1: That’s right. That’s what they said alright.

OLDMAN 2: Well, I’m not worried, I’ll be dead by then

OLDMAN 1: Well, what about our grandkids? Won’t be nothing left for the young uns.

OLDMAN 2: (replying to Smiles but staring eerily directly at me) It won’t matter anyway because the Lord will be back. He’ll be back and start the 1000 year war and he’ll take care of everything.

OLD WOMAN: What was that song that I used to sing with my grandmother? (begins humming and then breaks into a song describing the day that the Lord will return - presumably to save then from the woes of an empty Social Security chest. ).

It was then, that I realized that my tires were purchased at Jesus’s Tire Shack. And that they would probably outlast Social Security.


Mandy said...

I was thinking the whole time I was reading this, "Did Michael slip back in to KY without telling me?"
These people are real.

Kim Klabe said...