Thursday, April 28, 2005

Day trip to Philly....

Hmmmm…What could it be?

The sun that rotates around planet 1412 every 38 years? No.

A new breakfast cereal called “Spike” intended for consumption for unruly children? - “Curb your Tyke with Spike” - No.

Perhaps it’s something that will appear on every television and video screen known to mankind at exactly the same second and telepathically communicate with and eerie and echoing voice, “I am Zorthac. Prepare to worship me”.

Probably not.

It’s POLLEN - and it is what has been making my breathing a miserable hell for the last couple of weeks.

How can something so hideous come from something so lovely as this?

Cruel wicked nature…..alas.

Besides that however, today I am off to Philadelphia

to pick up my artwork from my last exhibit. The weather is supposed to be lovely, and if we don’t have a flat tire like last time….

All should be well. The exhibit went as well as could be expected - considering the curator FORGOT TO SEND OUT ANY PRESS RELEASES AND POSTCARDS!!!!

But he's new to the biz - and forgiven. I did get some very good press in Philadelphia Style Magazine from my work at Metro Living however. So that is a good thing. By the way, picked me as their American Artist of the month for April. Now that was cool.....

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