Monday, February 07, 2011

While thievery sucks, Art Thievery REALLY sucks…


It seems some unscrupulous person literally lifted a stunning eight-by-ten, black-and-white Polaraid snapped by photographer Jason Lee of the late actor Dennis Hopper  from a Los Angeles art gallery following the opening of a new exhibit, Friday night. 

Not only as a  professional visual artist who has had work stolen myself but also as someone who owned and operated a successful art gallery in Washington, DC for 11 years, I can tell you how reprehensible this is and how much it sucks.

This work is described as “extremely sentimental” to the photographer. So much so that Jason Lee has offered a no-questions-asked, no charges pressed, anonymous return of the work  reward of $25,000.

It is my sincerest hope that the perpetrator/s return the work, and if they have any self-respect at all (doubtful), they will refuse the generous reward.

More on the crime here - WE NEED YOUR HELP. Please spread the word.

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