Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Google Art Project: 'Street view' technology added to museums

Preview of the Google Art Project

Here’s some exciting news for all of you museum and gallery lovers out there (myself included). It seems that Google is bringing its "street view" technology indoors. With the launch of the Google Art Project, announced at a press conference in London this morning, Google jumps into the online art arena with tools that will allow web surfers to move through 17 of the most prominent art galleries in the world, with the option to look more closely at individual art works, including some that will be digitized so exhaustively that individual paint strokes and hairline cracks in the surface will be visible.

I think this is a brilliant and innovative idea that will only help bolster interest in the visual arts, especially for students around the world who have no access to these masterworks. It’s better to have an experience with the work on a computer than not at all.

For a complete article regarding the event, read about it in the Washington Post’s ArtsPost here:


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