Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Fab Fun Florida. . .

I've been in fabulous, sunny, Fort Lauderdale, Florida since Sunday afternoon and l'm loving every second of it. One lovely excursion yesterday was to the Coconut Grove Art Festival in Miami. It was a massive collection of some truly outstanding work by hundreds of talented artists and I'm glad I was able to attend on the last day of the event.

One sculptor in particular whose work was particularly compelling in a kitschy, voyeuristic manner was Marc Sijan. His works are startlingly lifelike poly-resin casts of live models which he sculpts and paints to an uncanny level of realism. I've either seen his work, or similar, somewhere before as it rang familiar, but nevertheless, it packs a whalop upon close inspection. Here are a few snaps I took of his work on display. . .

A cherry lover no doubt.

This model seemed to be popular with the artist

This work was particularly unsettling/amazing. Every pore seems to be accounted for. Of course, that is to be expected with a cast from a live model, but the artist truly has enhanced these works to add new dimensions to their lifelike appearance.

See this happy-go-lucky bald chap. He's not real.

By the way, the next time you find yourself in Miami, and are in the mood for something with a touch of European/Latin infused Bohemia - head over to 412 Espanola Way and Cafe Nuvo for a brilliant Mojito and an the outstanding "Europe's Favorite" platter for two. You'll be ever so happy you did. Plus, the people watching is fab. You'll never know when a Cuban model may show up for a photoshoot.

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Lydia said...

Kinda unsettling....in an artsy-type way.