Monday, April 12, 2010

Help an Artist Get To His Show. . .


Some readers of this blog may already know that I am scheduled for an exhibition of my work in May at the Monkitree Gallery in Gardiner, Maine.

The gallery is the brainchild of a dear, long time friend Clare and her partner Peter. They personally requested that I be the first artist to exhibit at the space for the grand opening event and I was accepted gladly. I am certain that The Monkitree Gallery will be a smashing success and an exciting and beneficial addition to the charming and historic downtown Gardiner. . .

However – a bit of a reality check now formulates. This particular artist ( that would be me) needs to find ways to fund as much of this trip as possible so that he can actually make it to Maine for this exhibit!

This recession has been particularly hard hitting on those of us who make our living in the arts. So – I’m shamelessly asking for your help. . .

In a non-traditional way, when you make a donation to the “Help Send Michael To Maine Campaign) you are helping to support the arts by helping to support a real honest-to-god live artist well as the opening of a new gallery during a recession.

You can read the compelling details (and make an open ended donation to the cause) by clicking here: .

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