Sunday, April 04, 2010

Happy Easter all -


Wow. This has been one lovely Easter day here on the coast. Sunny, 74, and pristine blue sky equals perfection in my book.

My partner and I just returned from a glorious gourmet brunch buffet at Victoria’s restaurant by the ocean were we unashamedly ate like two gluttons. But, the buffet is truly spectacular with an amazing array of dishes (which may be seen here -

Plus – you couldn’t get a better view as George’s BlackBerry photo proves.  


Oddly – the restaurant looks deserted here – but that’s only because he aimed over the heads of patrons, of which there were many. I have a feeling we’ll be back here again next Easter.

Next on the agenda – it’s off to the cinema to see Roman Polanski’s latest - “The Ghost Writer”. It’s getting rave reviews and I’m very excited about seeing it. Say what you will about Polanski  - a polarizing figure to say the least – but his work is pure genius. He is one of my favorite directors and certainly, in a popular opinion that I happen to share, one of the best of all time.

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