Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Edwin Arlington Robinson

I don't usually post the vector or digital illustration that I create much as it often is work that I create for clients - however - this is a special case as this is a "Fine Art" vector illustration that I created in Adobe Illustrator especially for my exhibit in Gardiner, Maine at the Monkitree Gallery which opens on... May 15th.

Gardiner was the home of the three-time Pulitzer Prize winning poet Edwin Arlington Robinson. This full-color, high resolution, large format poster, which measures about 24" x 16", was made in his honor and of that of Gardiner, Maine as well.

Signed large-formatted prints will be available for purchase at the gallery. By the way - I can create beautiful, retro movie poster like works of art like this for you as well featuring you, or anyone else you wish. Contact me in interested.

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