Monday, January 11, 2010

The Year End Art Sale Still Thrives. . .

While several of the works available on the amazing "Year End Sprouseart Fine Art Sale" have lovingly found their ways into new homes and collections, there are still many works available - at a fraction of the cost mind you - of what they had been when on display in traditional galleries and interior design boutiques.

Case in point, some of the works currently listed and available on my Y.E.S.F.A.S page had been previously available in the wonderful Philadelphia Home Art Garden interior design boutique which may still be seen on their website's Original Art page here: . You can actually see three of them on that page when you open it up in the browser. Two of those same works shown are now available on my Y.E.S.F.A.S for hundreds of dollars less than what they had been listed for previously.

Are these works still worth the higher prices? Absolutely! That's why if you take advantage of the sale now you can own an amazing work of original art by yours truly and you will have already made an investment by the time it arrives at your door since you will have purchased it for much less than it's current appraisal value!

This is a year end SALE and the nature of "sales" is that they are short lived, temporal things. When this sale is over at the end of the month, these works are going back up to their original prices. SO - act fast folks and don't miss this fantastic opportunity to own an original Sprouse at a very generous discount indeed!

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