Saturday, January 16, 2010

The Amazing Carole. . .

with thanks to flickr member John McNab

Today, on the 68th anniversary of her death, I have to wonder whether or not anyone under the age of 25 would even know who Carole Lombard was. A 33 year old superstar at the time of her death in a tragic airplane crash near Las Vegas (all on board, including her mother perished in the wreck), her beauty was legendary as her screen performances and her unpretentious off-screen personality, well known earthy sense of humor and blue language made her adored by any who worked with her.

Several years ago, I painted a small portrait of her of which I was very fond . . .

It was purchased by a now deceased friend. I believe he left it to someone I don't know in his will, so I have no idea where she may be now. Of course, art, like everything else, from beautiful actresses to tiny butterflies have a "shelf life". The beauty in that truism is that no really knows when that is. Educated guesses aside, all that remains after that awareness sets in is the simplistic joy of right now - and that is often what great art is all about.

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