Monday, June 09, 2008

Just put one foot in front of the other...

In a dream last night, I was walking on water. I can't remember what type of body of water it was ( though I'm leaning towards small lake or large pond). Nearby either on the shore that I was trying to get to was a small group of people. Like many unknown people that appear very vividly in my dreams, they were dressed in a late Victorian/early Edwardian style of clothing.They were amazed that I was walking on water and were very vocal about it.

I just remember being very embarrassed by the ado they were making and wishing that they would shut up and ignore me. I remember feeling something close to dread actually when I realized that they had seen me. I only remember feeling like this because in the dream I was walking on the water only to get from point A to point B as quickly as possible ( I wish I could remember what situation was occurring that made me decide to walk very quickly to the shore rather than swim, but I can't) .

I remember telling myself in the dream that if anyone saw me doing it that my life would probably not be the same again and that I had really better weigh the options quickly before opting for that particular mode of transportation. During the time that I was hurriedly deciding what to do, I noticed that the group on the shore had their backs turned to me as if occupied by some other thing in the distance. I remember thinking that if I walked as fast and quietly as possible that I could make it to the shore without them turning around and seeing me.

No such luck. The minute I started my aqua trek, they in unison turned towards me and began reacting. Of course, I had to finish through with the walk at that point, though it only took a few seconds. Fortunately, I awoke as soon as I hit the shore and didn't have to dream further about what wacky explanation I would have to come up with for the now freaked out crowd.

I now know how much it would suck to have some wild ability that you had to keep under your hat all the time for fear of exposure...

I've looked up "walking on water" on several online dream dictionaries, but they all seem to have variations of this - "To dream that you are walking on water, suggests that you have supreme and ultimate control over your emotions. It may also suggest that you need to "stay on top" of your emotions and not let them explode out of hand. Alternatively, it is symbolic of faith in you".

"Supreme and ultimate control" eh? Those sound like words that may be uttered by some James Bond nemesis. To be fair, I have been dealing with several anxiety producing situations as of late and have had to talk myself out of panic attack mode on more than one occasion. I do however keep a few Xanax pills about somewhere only for severe panic ( they were a boy's best friend that time that George and I got terribly lost on a super highway somewhere outside of Florence, Italy). Fortunately, I've not had to use them since, and would prefer not to as I'm the type who gets anxiety about taking an anti-anxiety pill.

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