Friday, November 03, 2006

Post Halloween Rapture

Well, turn your back for a minute and an entire week has gone by. I'll begin by stating that I had a wonderful Halloween week. I attended two very fun parties and my undead costume was very popular. On the actual night of Halloween, I was the one to give out candy at the home of our friend's Larry and Tom. The second party was held there and of course the place was decked out. Though it wasn't my intention, I made 3 little kids scream and cry when they came to the door. But, isn't that what Halloween is for?


Last night, George and I happened to catch a very poignant film on television. It was titled "Rapture". Directed by British-born John Guillermin, the film stars Melvyn Douglas, a young and striking Dean Stockwell, Gunnel Lindblom, and most importantly an absolutley enchanting and amazingly talented actress named Patricia Gozzi.

It happened to be showing on one of the INHD channels offered on comcast. So, if you have high-definition television and digital cable, you may be able to catch a rebroadcast as they seem to show films more than once. You may also be able to locate it in your local video store or library. I don't think that I can describe the film as well as this page that I found online.
Though I did find some more info here in an article in Time magazine from 1965.,9171,828378,00.html.
Finding much online about Patricia Gozzi is very difficult. It seems that she dropped out of the film industry all together 5 years after this film was released. What a shame. She had amazing film presence and incredible acting ability.


Benoit said...

She indeed stopped acting and had a baby.



I am glad you liked the movie.

Michael said...

Thanks for your comment, and please tell your mother that I thought her performance was magical. I intend to create a portrait of her.
Michael Sprouse

Steve Johnson said...

Thanks for your kind words on my article on the film, RAPTURE. It's nice to know somebody out there is reading. This may be my favorite film of all time, much as it starts to show its seams after too many viewings. Best of luck in the new year. Steve. said...

wher can i find this movie its so lovely and refreshing