Monday, November 06, 2006


It's early and I'm still waking up slowly through mouthfulls of hot and robust coffee. Tomorrow is election day for those of you who may be reading this seconds after waking from a coma or a Rip Van Winkle like sleep. Though I have made it no secret that I am a Progressive Democrat, there's something that I want to stress the importance of here, and that is the need to get out and vote!

Frankly, regardless of what party you may hitch your wagon to, if you're not registered to vote or have no intention of voting, then please, keep your f**king mouth shut the next time you feel the need to discuss politics with me. I've had it with these idiots who attempt to have a political discussion with me and then reveal that they aren't even registered to vote. It's shameful and there really are very few excuses for not voting.
So with that said, has posted some useful information about how to make sure that your vote counts tomorrow. You can read about them here. I placed the link on page 3 of the article which cuts to the points, though the whole article is worthwhile.
And, please, in case you don't know who to vote for, just vote all Democratic and you'll be fine - and so much more happier too!

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