Saturday, September 17, 2005

"I can't Manny. I'm stuck in the spokes."

When I was just a little tyke, this was THE movie that all of the kids were talking about. I was only in 2nd grade then and too young to go see it myself, but news about the film would trickle down via the television or from other kids who’s parents or older siblings had seen it, or from - most impressive of all on the playground - other kids who had actually been to see it with their parents themselves, which, to my knowledge was still somewhat of a taboo thing to do 33 years ago.

I think that this was the first in a long line of disaster movies that glutted the film industry in the 70’s. There were earthquakes, raging fires, unmanned airplanes, runaway super trains and more. But, I believe that this was the granfather of them all.

The only reason that I bring this up in the blog today, is because I ran across these brilliant little dolls while surfing this AM...

I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw them! I said to myself, “Is that Shelly Winters in the role of Belle Rosen from the Poseidon Adventure?!” And to my delight - it was.

There are 9 dolls in total and they can be found online by clicking here.

Shelly Winters has received a lot of flack over the last 35 years or so starting with her role in the P.A., ( she gained 35 punds for the role) but she actually is an amazing actress (she has won two Best Actress Oscars and was nominated for two others including for her role in the Poseidon Adventure). At one time was known as a blonde bombshell in Hollywood and even taught Marilyn Monroe a trick or two...

On a different note, I also ran across this online today

In my opinion, this digitally altered image would be humorous if it weren't for the fact that it is so sadly symbolically true. I may catch a lot of grief for this, but I can barely stomach what our country has become and is becoming under the so-called “leadership” of this patrician idiot.

I would also like to ask this to all of those folks who voted for this buffoon - are you still complaining about the high cost of gasoline when you fill your gas guzzling SUVs which you only purchased as some sort of artifical status, keeping up with the Jones’s, symbol of “prosperity”. I know that you know deep down inside that you can only blame yourself at the pump.

Unless you either actually haul more than 3 kids and a dog around more than several days a week, or use your SUV to transport large items on a regular basis, or work on a ranch or some equivalent thereof, then YOU DON’T NEED A FREAKIN’ SUV!!!

Does anyone over the age of 25 actually have clear memories of being driven around in SUV’s when they were kids? No? Why?

BECAUSE NO ONE HAD THEM except those who used them for work.


Why do you think that so many autos on the road now are SUVs? How many times do you see those filled with kids or materials or covered with dust from working out on the farm?

If you own one, tell me, when was the last time you went “off roading”?
How many times in the last month did you drive it somewhere with every seat occupied with someone?
When was the last time you had it fully loaded with big things that you had to transport somewhere?

I thought so.


Daddio said...

Recently King George was asked about his position on Roe vs. Wade.
His reply:"Personally I don't care how they get out of New Orleans, just as long as they get out!"

valart said...

Hello Michael,
First let me inquire about your chapeau reception, hope it was successful.
Next, I want to comment on the SUV statement. I own the mother of SUV's, I had three kids when we bought it, two dogs, kids that do, theatre, art, soccer, softball, volleyball, football and wrestling. Yes, I have filled my vehicle many times with children, paint (i do murals, too) supplies, athletic equipment, groceries, and the list goes on.
I understand where you are coming from, but I think you forgot about the honest families out there who are hit hard by gas prices, and need the room that their vehicle provides. Also, I remember an SUV that was NOT 4wh drive...I believe it was called the station wagon! lol, remember those? I was raised, and took many road trips while enjoying the large cargo area of the good old vehicles. No, I do not go 4 wheeling as a regular habit, but I do appreciate the 4wd when winter hits the Appalachia mtn roads that I traverse on a daily basis. I also appreciate the security that I feel hauling my family, pets, and others in it when the curvy roads are slick ribbons of ice.
I hope you do not mind my 2 cents today, but there it is anyway.

Michael said...

Perhaps you should reread my post. In it I start a sentence with "unless you either actually haul more than 3 kids and a dog around more than several days a week". In your post you state that when you purchased one you did indeed have 3 kids, a dog and many things to tote about, so it would make sense for you to have one. Now, I can’t tell from your post if you still have 3 kids to transport or not but you don’t then I still frankly think that you should not be driving an SUV, unless you still happen to haul things about like art supplies.

The majority of folks that I see on the road in SUV’s are nottoting three kids and a dog around (in fact, I know of a 2 SUV family which consists of two parents and one 12 year old girl - this is much more common then you think. You imply that I hav" that need "the room that their vehicles provide". I disagree. If people with more than 2 children need the SUV’s for that reason, then so be it. Though, it is not by coincidence that the mini-vans ( many of which were fuel efficient) of the late 70’s, 80’s and early 90’s have been replaced with SUV’s.

What happened there? The big motor companies thought that they could make much more money by supporting ideas and imagery that painted minivans as outdated and effeminate. So, they were replaced by huge gas guzzling SUVS. And people feel for it hook, line and sinker.

When I was a kid, we had a station wagon and my parents were able to drive all 4 of us about comfortably, even on several semi-cross country trips. Believe it or not, fuel efficient station wagons are still being manufactured today though the PR for them is practically nil. Why? Because of what I said before. The big motor companies and the oil companies DON’T WANT people to drive smaller, less expensive cars that use less gas!

Studies show that by far the majority of the SUV’s on the road - these huge gas guzzling rather dangerous vehicles - are used either by people either driving themselves alone to and from work, on errands, or to drop off one or two kids at the mall. There is simply no need to use and SUV for that purpose.

Also, I grew up in some very bad winters myself, especially the blizzard of 1977. We didn’t have 4 wheel drive, we had snow chains for our tires. As did everyone, and they worked perfectly well.

Basically, the rationale for people anymore when they purchase an SUV is that they have fallen for the hype. The facts are out there. People just have to open your eyes to them.

I stand by my original post and I proudly drive a VW Beetle convertible that gets 30 miles per gallon.

By the way, my exhibit went wonderfully. Thanks for asking.

valart said...

Yes, yes I see your point, and I am still toting 2 kids and 2 dogs, and supplies. However, I was wise enough when the gas crunch occurred to hop in the 2000 Breeze and zip around town! I am not arguing the hype theory. Just offering up a different perspective as a mom and family member.
I have been in many mini vans, and I still prefer the comfort, dependability of my car, sorry.
I am grateful to have a nice car, that I feel safe using for my family, but I am not too proud to admit that I use the small car for just back and forth trips since I have it. hope that clears up my view point. If only I were as good with words, as