Monday, September 12, 2005

Ex post facto...

Ah, back from my big solo show weekend in DC. I actually arrived back here yesterday morning, but it has taken about 24 hours to decompress.

First, let me state that the opening was great! I had an incredible time, the exhibit looks great ( thanks to gallery director’s Kate Fraser’s and my partner George Thomasson’s hanging great eye for hanging an exhibit - there really is an art to it).

I would guess that including those that were in the Art Tour, there were about 200 people that came through the exhibit that evening - give or take 20. I had to give 2 different speeches on my work over the course of the opening, which, while unexpected, went over well.

I saw many old friends that I haven’t seen in quite a while was able to introduce them to some of my newer ones who came to the event as well. The one thing that was forgotten to do was to take photos!

Everyone just became so caught up in the moment, it seems to happen at every show. I do have some pics of the gallery taken the next morning which Kate will email to me. I’ll post them as soon as I get them.

The exhibit in DC will run through
October 12 so stop by the Fraser Gallery in Bethesda and check it out.

My next exhibit will be in Baltimore at the
Light Street Gallery. That show is titled "Ex post facto" and it runs from Oct. 19 - Nov. 26, 2005. I think the opening reception will be held on Saturday the 22nd.

Here's something interesting - I was surfing the web late last night and I ran across an shop in Arizona that sells prints of my work. The place is called
S!mply ARTrageous. True the name is stomach wrenchingly awful, but they did chose to offer some of my work so I can deal with it. What’s strange for me is that they sell these prints without any info on the artist behind them. So, basically the person that purchases the print will never know that I was the one who painted the original unless they run across that info somewhere along the way.

It was a very peculiar sensation seeing prints of my work offered for sale like that without any involvement, but that is the nature of the print business I guess.

I think that they carry three of my works. Here's one
here. It's the "Oath Taker" and it is simply described as "a girl looking intensely ahead".
Speaking of funky - here this for all of you technocrats....

That's high-tech a la 1981 for you.
William Shatner certainly has changed over those 24 years eh?

Though I still get a kick out of him. Here's something else from that year...

And here is the current incarnation...

Time - can't live with it can't live without it.

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