Friday, February 14, 2014

Moronic Dr. Smith Look Alike Really is Lost In Space (at least when it comes to the American Political Process)

Put down your candy hearts and Valentine’s Day cards for a minute and get a load of the original Bubble-Headed Booby himself (AKA Tom Perkins).

Tom Perkins in his best
Dr. Smith from Lost In Space pose. Oh the pain! The pain!

Apparently, Perkins (a venture capitalist, who recently made a lot of people angry by comparing progressives to Nazis) told an audience in San Francisco Thursday that people who pay more money in taxes should get more votes.

The audience, making the understandable assumption that he was kidding, responded in laughter to his inane comment.

Imagine the awkward silence and shock that must have sucked the air out of the room when they realized that he wasn’t kidding – not in the least. In fact, he told a CNNMoney Reporter offstage that he “intended to be outrageous, and it was."

He didn’t mean outrageous as in ha ha hilarious. He meant it as worthy of causing outrage to those around him.

It’s wildly moronic, but it’s just the kind of crap-speak these clueless plutocrats love to utter at any opportunity that arises. The basic ploy - have mic will open mouth and spew forth garbage because even garbage will stick to the wall of those stupid or delusional enough to believe it. 

The one perk of Perkins? He has time against his side as he’s just south of being older-than-a-pile-of-dirt. Soon he and his fellow selfish, warped and woefully misguided lot will be tossed out with the rubble of forgotten history making no more of a mark on it then the dissipating smoke from the wick of an extinguished candle.

You can read the entire news article on the Huffington Post here…

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