Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Cowardice and Hatred Sittin’ In A Tree

Hopefully, the mouth-breathing morons responsible for this
low-brained reprehensible action will be brought to justice. It doesn't take a psychic to know that the men being sought probably consider themselves "real" Americans, are devoted to the likes of Rush Limbaugh and FOX news and identify as Tea Partiers (or worse).

AP Photo / Thomas Graning

The only bright side to that probability is that, generally, the Tea Drinkin' kinds who complain the most about the government usually do nothing about it. Many have never stepped foot into a voting booth let alone attended a public meeting or written a letter or made a call to their representative.

No, far from it. Instead, they opt to wallow in the fetid cesspool of ignorance barking their puerile and inane words to whatever like-minded nincompoop willing sit still enough to listen.

Predictably, these two didn't have the balls to carry out their hate drenched and deplorable action in the middle of the day. Rather, they opted to do so in the pre-dawn murkiness of a Sunday morning when, according to one maintenance worker who saw them from afar, they could  shout "racially charged rhetoric like "white power" and the N-word" while wearing their much treasured "camouflage attire." I bet they even made it back in time to gleefully attend some snake handling church revival meeting with their normally dim-witted eyes all alit with pride for their cowardly act.

I suppose, in Mississippi, stupid really is as stupid does. Let’s hope in this case, the authorities will find these two backwoods buffoons and show them that there are indeed not so stupid and very serious consequences for their actions.

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