Saturday, December 22, 2012

The Work of Artist Carrie McGee

An extremely talented artist, a great friend, and fortunately for me – a fantastic sister-in-law – , Carrie McGee has made quite the mark on the contemporary art scene throughout the South, the Mid-Atlantic and New England.

Her compelling work – whether installed or suspended, upon first view, are elegant and deceivingly simple – yet don’t be fooled. A closer inspection of the panels reveal a visual realm of complexity and depth.

Like individual cells from film strip, each panel offers its own unique aspect of a story. When grouped together into one work however, a beginning, middle and end of a story is revealed. While it’s up to each viewer to determine the storyline based upon their own interpretation of the work, there’s a Zen quality about Carrie’s art that is undeniable.

For more information and to view other examples of McGee’s work, visit her website at

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Carrie McGee said...

Many thanks for this, Michael. The feeling is mutual - it's wonderful to have a fellow artist for a brother-in law! I appreciate your thoughtful, kind, and perceptive comments about my work.