Sunday, January 15, 2012

More Free Facebook Covers!

The last time I posted some recent Facebook covers that I designed for free, they became very popular. So, being that I’m in a generous mood today – I’m posting more. Share as you will and enjoy!

I created these in Photoshop using either my own original photographs, or digital collages from vintage and/or retro photographs.

To use them, simply click on the image below for the larger version which is the size you’ll need for the cover image. Then

  1. Go to your timeline
  2. Click Add a Cover
  3. Choose choose “upload a new photo” and direct it to the are where you have saved the image
  4. Once you choose a photo, you can reposition it by clicking on the image and dragging it up or down
  5. Click Save
  6. Enjoy!








Anonymous said...

Couldn't resist adopting Chickens as my FB cover. Thanks.

Lydia said...

Michael! You are killing me with the temptation to go "Timeline" at fb! These are marvelous! I want them all! What to do, what to do.....

Michael said...

Lydia -
Thanks for the kind words! I've become quite the fan of the timeline. Enjoy!

K L Markert said...

Wow, I am quite a fan of yours. Me, just a hobbyist, tired mom who is messing around w/photoshop, making some FB covers. First for myself, now just giving them away, too. Not nearly as nice as yours. Your work is INSPIRING! Thank you for sharing. ;)