Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Life Imitating Art with a big price tag…

I find it admirable that one of the tactics Samsung is using in defense against Apple’s current patent infringement suit is the claim that Stanley Kubrick actually had the original idea behind the iPad and not Apple.

Here’s a still from the scene that according to this article on, Samsung says proves that at least the concept of the iPad came from someone other than the developers at Apple - not just years mind you - but 4 decades before the pricey tech tool was released! The amazing Kubrick film “2001: A Space Odyssey” was actually filmed in 1965 prior to it’s release in 1968.


Here is the  actual clip in reference can be seen on by clicking here.

I think the reason that I like this tactic is its mix of the old “David verses Goliath” story and the fact that art from over 4 decades ago is being referenced as a source of inspiration for very current technology.

In my opinion, even though it’s being used as a tug-of-war tool so to speak between two mega-tech industries over fortunes that are practically impossible for us to comprehend, it quite elegantly underscores the eternal beauty of art itself.

One of the wonderful qualities of great art is its sense of  timelessness. Art itself borders on the eternal because, ultimately, it is the manifestation of an artist’s creative mind which is based in the eternal. It’s the same “eternal” that lives within us all.

Perhaps the final story here is the fact that an artist’s vision is being used in a court of law, regardless of the reasons, perhaps may just let those of us who notice reawaken the eternal in ourselves as well.

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