Saturday, May 15, 2010

The morning of the Maine/Main Event. . .

It's the morning of Saturday, May 15th which also makes it the morning of the Grand Opening of Monkitree and my exhibit. Last night, there was a "soft opening" which coincided with the Gardiner First Friday Art Walk.

I was quite impressed with the amount of people that came out for the art walk which lasted between 5 and 9 Pm and I was even more surprised when I was told by more than one person that the turnout was considered "light". In a conversation with the mayor of Gardiner, I mentioned how the feeling that the support for the arts and for what was happening on Water Street where the majority of the arts related business are located was substantial. I even sold a few works which doesn't occur often on openings, especially "soft" openings. I'll post some photos soon after I have time to load them from my camera.

The gallery looks simply wonderful and it has this aura of being a place visually that just makes one want to go in. Of course, this is a very important factor no doubt when running a business - especially an arts related business. I think some people see art on a wall, and they feel as if it something unapproachable as if in a guarded museum. Fortunately, Clare's space seems to have overcome that particular hurdle.
The majority of yesterday prior to the art walk was spent finalizing last minute details through out the space. A large amount of that work began after the arrival of a stunning Victorian era wood and glass display case that was delivered around 10 AM. I will definitely post photos of this stunning piece of work as it looks like something that Sleeping Beauty would be found in gracefully braced on the somnolent threshold of eternal slumber while surrounded by a group of lamenting dwarfs awaiting a distant Prince Charming. . . 

For a while, I must admit, things seemed chaotic as the 5 PM deadline drew nigh, but this is the nature of such events as often there are so many things that need to be addressed before launching a gallery that it becomes difficult to address them until they are right before you demanding attention. Fortunately, between myself, Clare, her lovely mother Maryanne, our friend Liz (up from DC), and Peter we were able to each focus on different aspects of the ever changing list just in time to pull it all together before the opening of the doors.
And then - suddenly - it was all very lovely. What began as a small trickle of people soon grew larger and larger leading to conversations with some wonderful people - which I always enjoy at art events. It also, fortunately, lead to the awareness of a few slight other details that need to be addressed before the main event tonight. In fact, I think I need to jump in the car make a quick jaunt up the road to the Staples in Augusta to make some more copies of the price list as we ran out last night.
By the way, I just had an amazing blueberry muffin here at A1 to Go. I would stay longer, but there are things to do - and also, the chap sitting behind me has decided to sing quite loudly, and sadly quite badly with the wrong words, to Journey's "Oh Sherry" which is at this moment playing on the sound system.

Did I mention that he whistles out of tune as well?

More to come. . . .

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Corniche said...

Michael, it's an hilarious coincidence that another passerby from Corniche to Monkitree thought we were sending Clare a body in a coffin in time for your opening. I've heard of advertising gimmicks, but even that is over the top. Good show, beautiful art work. And congratulations to you and Clare. ~ Mary Weiss