Thursday, May 20, 2010

All the rest in a neat little package. . .

Something that I have realized since glancing over my last entry regarding my excursion to Gardiner, Maine for an exhibit of my work for the grand opening of Monkitree, is that it is sometimes difficult to keep a blog updated when on the road. This is especially true if one is involved with an event that naturally demands quite a bit of attention – oh say – the opening of an art gallery.

I say these things only as I realize that I last posted here on the Saturday morning of the event. Now, however, I am home and it is Thursday morning a scant over 4 days since my last post. Be prepared to read. . .

Truth be told, that while there was a steady stream of attendees for Saturday's event, the largest crowd chose Friday evening as the night to explore the gallery. In any case, I enjoyed both tremendously and actually welcomed the opportunity to have a lower-keyed event Saturday after the tremendously busy Friday night.

Even though engaging in 5 straight hours of conversation about one's art work and creation process as well as art in general is relatively exhausting (though I love doing it), Saturday's event was less of  a whirlwind which proved to be a welcomed break in the storm of activity.

I now realize that the both of the events ( the First Friday Art Walk and the Official Grand Opening on Saturday) worked together really to create one big event with a smattering of hours between the two. It was a tremendous amount of work for everyone involved, but it came about beautifully based upon what seemed to be genuine comments of praise to Clare and Peter for the space and to myself for my work.

So, now I must mention that one overall characteristic that I experienced over my week in Maine was the tremendously supportive vibe that was so palatable from the other business owners, artists, and locals in Gardiner, Maine to Clare during the last few days before the opening event. Prior to the events and during the process, there was a steady stream of well wishers offering positive words of support and encouragement.

Many of this group were other business owners up and down Water Street.
For example, I met several of the artists connected with the phenomenal “Artdogs” artist studios and residency, as well as the enthusiastic and talented Mary Becker Weiss, artist and proprietor of Corniche (in one of many synchronicities that occurred during my visit, I discovered that Mary represents the work of my good friend Robert Saunders whom I met many moons ago while working as the model coordinator assistant gallery curator for the Washington Studio School of Art. I had not seen him since those years and had no idea he was in Gardiner – you can imagine our mutual and happy surprise), there was also the gregarious Roger of A1 to Go who makes a brilliant lobster roll, Michael of the famous A1Diner, Mary K. and Jeff Spencer of The Potter’s House, Carol Wiley, the awesome Rebecca and the twins from The Mad Dog Pub, and many, many more.

So, let me say that the weekend events were everything I wanted them to be and there is much more to post here – however – the contractor has just arrived to work on the windows in the room with this computer and I am having a difficult time concentrating with the windows literally being ripped out around me.

More to come.  .  .

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