Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Oh we've got trouble...

In my opinion, one of the main reasons that we are having such serious issues in the country is our populace's lack of concern or interest in truly important issues - or worse yet - a complete blissfulness to remain ignorant of them.
Last night, the President of the United States gave a compelling speech about his plans for the Afghan war and more (, yet what are the most popular stories on CNN this morning?

1 - Model Dies After Plastic Surgery
2 - Woman Denies Affair with Tiger Woods
3 - 6 Suspects in Gang Rape Case Plead Not Guilty
4 - Marilyn Monroe Home Movies Surfaces....

Need I say more?

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Black Chicks Rule said...

God, I so agree. I was even more out done with the Robert Gibb and reporter exchange. The reporter pressed sensationalism regarding the state dinner as if where real investigative reporting into real issues. When in fact it was tabloid news. To make matters worse twitter and hand held devices have taken the attention span away from the Mellinium generation. They are only focusing on what is directly infront of them instead of all the issues at hand. In spite of it all, we gen Xers are still here, so I have not lost hope.

BCR from