Monday, October 27, 2008

And thus begins a new chapter...

It's an early Monday morning in late October.

In synchronistic fashion, yesterday afternoon was the very last day that I will ever set foot in my previous house in New Jersey while today is the day that I "officially" begin my new position as Executive Director of the Celebration Studios and Gallery here in Rehoboth Beach. I use the word officially in quotes only because I have been working more or less in the position for the last 2 weeks or so, but today is when it actually begins..."officially".

Of course, I'll still be responsible for many of the duties connected to my position as Associate Director of the Theatre for quite some time, the role has just been expanded into a wider scope of possibilities. I'm very pleased about taking on the new role, and the new work.

Make no mistake - there is much new work to be done. Much. But you see, this isn't so much a "job" as it is a life role that is played. It was the same way when I was the owner and curator of eklektikos gallery of art in Washington, DC for 10 years. The role becomes part of your psyche, thus, you are always "working", but it is more akin to always keeping the vision alive and prospering.

If you've ever been involved in similar projects, you know what I mean.

Perhaps that's an even better term, "project". Working on a "project" has always seemed more attractive to me than simply "working". "Working" seems mundane, rote, tedious, like an unpleasant necessity while working on a project seems creative, invigorating, collaborative, fruitful and pleasant.

So, with that in mind, let me reword my first paragraph—today is the day that I begin working on my new project—as Executive Director of the Celebration Studios and Gallery.

Here's to new chapters.

Zoom. Zoom.

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