Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Happy Birthday Nick!!

Last weekend was lovely on several levels. I spent it at the beach with George and our dear friend Marnie was able to visit as well. It was a very full weekend and to document all of it into this entry would require more time than I am ready or able to devote to it. So, in order to catch up on the last 4 missing days so that I may move onto my the true subject of this post, I am going to create a little list here of experiences that have occurred since my last entry. This list covers the time between my last post from the morning of Friday, June 15 to now. This list is in no particular chronological order, and, frankly, not all of the experiences contained within the list are necessarily “positive” (though most were). Since most concepts of “positive” and “negative” experiences are relative anyway, I’ll leave it up to you to decide which is which based upon your own personal life experience.
Here tis...
▪ I watched the season opener of “The Closer”
▪ I picked fresh raspberries from the bush in my garden
▪ I attended an summer garden cocktail party with about 150 other people guests
▪ I finally watched “Batman Begins”
▪ Looked for sea glass on the beach
▪ Drank vanilla/blueberry vodka martinis
▪ Purchased a pair of linen pants at Banana Republic
▪ Received a royalty check from an art gallery
▪ Learned of the news of the sudden death of the father of a close friend
▪ Sketched in my sketchbook
▪ Met a man who’s partner was killed in NYC on 9/11
▪ Made a definitive decision to end a friendship gone bad
▪ Purchased and began reading “Manhunt”
▪ Completed a crossword puzzle
▪ Ate pizza
▪ Ate fried chicken
▪ Lost 3 pounds
▪ Engaged in stimulating thought provoking conversation
▪ Made 2 small flower arrangements
▪ Finally learned the meaning behind certain baseball statistics
▪ Danced in my living room
▪ Learned that people who drive vintage cars have to mix lead into the gasoline themselves
▪ Emptied sand from my shoes
▪ Went grocery shopping
▪ Was bitten by mosquitoes
▪ Woke up early

End of list. Now onto something else.
Today happens to be the birthday of my dear younger brother Nicholas. He was born on this day 29 years ago, and event that I remember quite clearly since I was 13 at the time. So, in order to visually put things in perspective, here are some images that came back as hits from the search engine at when I put 1978 into the search field.

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