Tuesday, May 22, 2007

New Week, New Delhi

I must admit that I had a wonderful birthday week (though, I always get confused as to what the actual parameters of the "birthday" week are - is it a week from your birthday or is it actually the week in which it falls?). In any event, I had a wonderful time thanks to family and friends and I am now ready to get back to a non-birthday week existence.

I have hardly been in my studio at all since completing my last work, but today I feel the urge to work. I don;t know why, but I like working under pressure when it comes to creating my art, Since I have an exhibit opening in about 2 weeks, I should find myself happy as a clam in my studio.

For some reason, my XM satellite radio has been in the "NO SIGNAL" mode for the last two days. I called tech. support, and after a somewhat obnoxious one-sided conversation with an "automated" assistant (READ - computer generated voice) my call as rerouted to India.

Unfortunately, my conversation with the robot was more successful than with the young sounding and very up-beat gentleman with the tongue-twister name. He did listen to what I was saying, but proceeded to respond with answers that seemed to come directly off of a laminated cue-card. I knew this was the case because each time I asked him very direct questions like "Why am I not receiving a signal?" and "How long do you think it will take to get back online?" he began each response with "I see" followed by a long pause and then a question of his own - completely unrelated to what I had just asked him such as "Would I like a 3rd radio for just 5 dollars?".

In any case, we were able to lob the conversation birdie back and forth enough for me to realize that there was some kind of satellite glitch that was being worked upon even as we were speaking.


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