Monday, October 10, 2005

Tin soldiers and Nixon coming...

I had a very busy yet rewarding weekend working on the house in New Jersey right outside of Philadelphia. George and I accomplished all that we wanted to and on Friday evening our friends Jerry and Paul joined us for dinner at the wonderful Tortilla Press

We drove back Saturday evening in torrential rain that made the car hydroplane on several occasions which was most disconcerting.

On Sunday evening, George and I had dinner with some friends at the home of a very close friend who had just completed her first triathlon that same day. She also managed to prepare an amazing meal complete with two homemade desserts ( Apple Pie and Cheesecake). I think that she is some form of Wonder Woman.

It was a celebratory dinner and we all had a blast.

One of the conversations during dinner however has left my mind filled with questions all day. The age span between the group at the dinner stretched from late 50’s to early 20’s. At one point our conversation turned to the recollection of certain memorable events which then led to an interesting conversation as to which decade we could relate to the most as children - moreso in the mode of “child of the 60’s” or “
70’s” etc.

My friend Larry was born in 1948 and his thought was that he was a child of the 50’s though his formative years were in the 60’s. Though some disagreed, that seemed to be the prevailing school of thought, and I myself agreed with the logic as well. Since I was born in 1965, I have always thought of myself as a child of the 70’s, since those are the years that composed my early childhood and teen years. I consider my formative years to have been the 1980’s.

George on the other hand, was born in 1959 and is a child of the 60’s. The other two guests were born in the late 70’s early 80’s and could be considered children of the 80’s - and maybe even the 90’s.

Ot was very interesting listening to everyone’s different take on a variety of issues and I think it may have been the first time where I had had an intimate dinner with such a wide variety of people age wise. At that dinner, there were people that had spent their early childhood to early teen years in each decade from the 50’s through the 90’s - and for some reason, I’ve been thinking about it all day long…

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