Monday, December 29, 2014

Gratitude and Attitude - Your 2015 Secret Thrive Guide Is Here

I don't want to sound like a rehashed new age guru here, but with the start of a new year knocking on the door, I feel compelled to share my own little, timely message based upon my own personal experience. 

For about the last two years now, I begin every single, morning with a silent, contemplative meditation of gratitude. Quite seriously, I do this before I even rise from my bed. It's very simple and it can be as brief, or lengthy, as you wish. You can be grateful for anything and to anything or anyone. There is no wrong way to do it. Personally, I direct my gratitude energy to the "Universe", which, in my book is what others may refer to as God - but I'm not taking that exit ramp with this post. 

The very first thing that I am grateful for is waking up into a new day, filled with new possibilities. The rest is up to you and whatever gratitude path you want to walk down. Are you grateful because you have more money than the Vatican? So be it. Are you grateful because you have a job interview that may help you pay your rent and feed your kid? Right on. Are you grateful because you have one more precious hour to hold the hand of a loved one who is on the edge of returning to energy? Blessings. See, it can really be about anything and to anything. 

As I said, it is very simple. But it's also very powerful and very effective. You may think your current life is miserable. Maybe you wake up in prison. Maybe you wake up lonely or in an abusive relationship. Maybe you wake up in poverty, or pain - or both. It doesn't matter. Find something, anything, to be grateful for and move forward from that space - no matter how tiny or futile it may feel. 

Sometimes in life, you have to fight your way out of the darkness. I'm here to tell you that this sweet, little mental dialogue will deliver in a grand way. The new year is almost here, take this little gem with you into it and see how far it will bring you. 

With much love and wishes of peace and prosperity in the new year to all...

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