Thursday, March 20, 2014

"Wind II" Recent Work Inspired From A Painting's Past

Several years ago, perhaps 15, I painted a work that I entitled simply “Wind.” It was an exceptionally large painting (roughly 6 feet by 6 feet) and it debuted at Eklektikos Gallery (which I co-owned and curated) in Washington, DC before traveling to the Lowe Gallery (where I was exhibiting at that time) whereupon it was purchased by the president of a very successful and well-known company specializing in discount travel and hotel rates.
"Wind II" work in process, 36" x 36", acrylic on canvas  
©2014 Michael Sprouse

Shortly after the exhibition purchase, I was contacted by a well-established, international art printing house who soon thereafter licensed the work. The company printed large-scale giclée on canvas reproductions of the painting which sold all over the United States and Europe.

It eventually became one of the most popular and recognizable paintings of my career.

To this day, some 15 years later, I still receive emails from people with photographs of prints of “Wind” that they have encountered from Los Angles to London and places in-between or requests from eager, potential collectors with the wish of purchasing the original if available or a print (the publishing company closed their doors a few years ago after the owner retired following a long and prosperous career.)

For many years, I would respond with an apologetic explanation of how the original was long purchased and the prints were no longer being produced. I further explained that I had no plans to recreate “Wind.”

That is – until this week…

For no particular reason other than it simply felt like the right time to do so, I have been busy in my studio recreating one of the most popular works of my early career.

This version, currently titled simply “Wind II” - smaller than the first painting measuring in at 36” x 36” - will still deliver all of the compelling visual elements that made its forbearer so popular.

While I don’t often publicize my work before completion, I have decided to release the news about this soon to be completed work now with the offer of a pre-completion, pre-exhibition substantial discount on the purchase price.

I’ve attached a photo of the work in process on the wall of my studio next to a print of the original version of “Wind.”
For those of you who have long thought about owning one of my original works for your own collection, the perfect chance to do so is now knocking on your door.
This discount is only valid until Saturday April 26th at which time the work will be entered into exhibit. “Wind II” is available on a first come, first purchase protocol.

For those interested in purchase, I can be contacted via the contact page on my website at

Cheers and Happy Spring.

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