Friday, July 12, 2013

Amy Schumer's Humorus Yet hard Hitting Video.

I first heard this skit referenced on NPR's Fresh Air when Amy Schumer was interviewed by Terry Gross. Now that I've seen it, I can say that it's definitely funny, but at the same time - it's hard hitting, biting ironic satire - and it's most assuredly NSFW.

Terry Gross told Amy described the sketch "was a real girl thing" and that she "recognized" that behavior in women. Of course she wasn't referencing the actual material in the skit, but the point is that Terry and Amy agreed that women - for a variety of reasons - go into self-deprecation when complemented.

Their opinion was that men respond to compliments from other men, should they occur, differently than women in our culture. I tend to agree.

"Hey, dude. Nice shirt."
"Um, cool. Thanks."
"Got a beer?"

Amy - through comedy - highlights this issue brilliantly. Irony has longed served as the perfect delivery system for culturally important messages.

Because of that, Amy Schumer has - in my opinion - raised the bar here from simple comic schtick to some degree of high art. In fact, if you view this with a slightly different mind set, it could pass for a Video Installation work or even to some degree documented Performance Art.

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