Monday, July 16, 2012

Wise words in Tomasky’s article

Newsweek/Daily Beast special correspondent Michael Tomasky does a fine job in his July 15th article in of pointing out the reasons why Obama is ahead in the polls over Mittens.

The main rationale behind this trend is playfully put forth quite beautifully in the sub-header of the article with these words “GOP is an aristocratic party that favors the super rich. And Mitt Romney is its perfect poster boy”.

He also does a fine job of answering the question that I have long pondered – why would any member of the working class majority in this country support a party, or that party’s candidate, that so obviously does not represent them in the least economically?


I could provide his answer here, but he does such a fine job himself – as well as providing some well researched data and a wise and uncannily accurate quote from Thomas Jefferson – that you should take 5 minutes from your day and read the article. You’ll be wiser afterwards – and perhaps more importantly - secure in your decision to vote against the elitism and black-hat politicking of the GOP.

Read the article here: Michael Tomasky: Obama Is Winning Because of the Shrinking GOP

“Those Tea Party morons can kiss my Founding Father arse!” ~ Thomas Jefferson

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