Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Target on homophobia….


Did you get a great deal on holiday gifts this season from your local Target store? Did you save room in your cart for  homophobia?

It seems that the late last summer/early fall’s  brouhaha stemming from the revelation that the ever so chic discount shopping mega-chain Target had been throwing money into the campaigns of some very outspoken right wing and anti-gay politicians did nothing to stop them from continuing with the same bad behavior.

Though Target’s Chairman, President and CEO Gregg Steinhafel released a statement in which he apologized for how the company's decision had affected many "in a way I did not anticipate" , the chain has still funneled money into the campaigns of these politicians. In fact, After Steinhafel's August 5 letter, Target's Political Action Committee, helmed by the former right hand of Senator Thune, Matt Zabel, recorded $41,200 in federal election activity. Of that total, $31,200 went to anti-gay rights politicians or PACs supporting those candidates!

Hold on one second, is this the same Target whose commercials look as if they were created and produced by some sun streaked blonde, sparkly-eyed,  20 something design student with a Martha Stewart complex and her two best gay friends?! Why, yes, that’s the one… 


I think it’s time for all of us to reveal the ugly and hypocritical face of Target and stay out of their stores until their support of homophobic and anti-gay inspired politicians ends!

And, on a more personal note, I also want to know why they feel the need to continue with this action and why they felt the need to do so in the first place? Who behind the corporation is so fueled by this hatred that they green light that out of the  $41,200 recorded (meaning only that which they have allowed us to be aware of) dollars of contributions given to politicians that almost 85 per cent of that go to the homophobes?

What possible good could that do for them? And in doing so, why continue with the obviously gay friendly advertising campaign that we all know so well?


Really, Target WTF? The eye-opening article can be found here -

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