Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Last Supper – SUPER Sized

I found this intriguing article from the LA Times about how the portions of food depicted in artistic renderings of the last supper over the last 1,000 years have grown tremendously. . .


The story made me wonder just how many renditions of the last supper were out there in the world and I made a rather surprising discovery - when you place the words "last supper" in Google's image search, you get 1,170,000 results (over 3 million if you omit the quotation marks). This resulted in a "huh, who knew?" moment for me. While a large percentage of the results are of DaVinci's uber-famous version, there are many that are offer a wide, unique, and wonderfully creative variation on his theme so to speak and several that offer a completely different view altogether.

Once I gave it a bit of thought, it made perfect sense that there would be so many different versions created over the millennium. The artistic interpretation of events based upon stories (particularly those steeped in religious or spiritual themes) have served as fodder for the visually creative amongst us for as long as such tomes have been in existence.

Here is just a small sampling of what's out there which I found of particular interest. . .


Battle Star Galactica


Alix Beaujour


Star Wars by Eric Deschamps


Popeye’s Last Supper by ATLbladerunner


The Lego Last Supper


Simon Ushakov circa 1645

I could on and on. . .

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