Friday, September 04, 2009

19 year old ding bat cuts my hair....

I ran into the nearest move em in move em out hair salon as I needed a quick hair cut and my regular stylist was taken. Moments into the experience, I realized that I had taken my hair style into the valley of beyond....
DB: "Have you had your hair cut her before?"
ME: "Yes."
DB: "Do you like electric clippers on the side?"
ME: "Yes, that's fine."
DB: "Do you remember what length?"
ME: "I think maybe a 3."
DB: "I think you look like a 3.25. Does that sound right?"
ME: "Sure, I guess so."
DB: "Have you had your hair cut here before?"
ME: "Um, yes."
DB: "Did I just ask you that? I did, didn't I? Tee hee. I'm sorry. Just a little out of it today. How long have you been here?"
ME: "About 15 minutes."
DB: "Oh, no. I meant here in Rehoboth."
ME: "Oh, about 7 years."
DB: "I grew up here. Well, I just moved back here. I mean, I grew up here, but I just moved back here from Nashville. I lived there for about 4 months, but I grew up here. I liked it there Ok, I guess. I moved there with my boyfriend. I mean, my ex-boyfriend. He was only interested in me for my money. But I was just so head over heels, I went there with him. I liked it OK I guess. All them hills. I liked it Ok. It was pretty. I dunno. We lived in place, but it was so small, I mean, it was a condo, but just three rooms. Well, you know, I grew up here. I live with my parents, and they have a big farm. Horses and chickens. I mean, three rooms. There was this little patch of grass and i just loved that patch of grass. It made me miss grass. We took a little puppy with us and I would walk over to that patch and just loved it. We lived with some other people. My boyfriend only was interested in my money. I mean, he wouldsay "let's go to the movie" and I would say, "no, let's save some money". But he just didn't get it I guess. I mean, he would go over to Wall Mart and play those games with those cranes where you swing it around and grab onto things, and he would spend 5 dollars on it! I would say, well just save your money. I dunno. He just didn't seem to get it. So, I moved back here two weeks ago. And I've been having fun, partying with my brother and my friends. Yee Haw! Oh, we have so much fun. Now my sister, she's such a spoiled little brat, she's the middle child ya know, she just wants everything and what ever it is, my parents buy it for her. So they built a big house for my older brother and he rents it from them. So my sister got jealous and they built her a HUGE house all on the beach and everything, and they ask me, "Are you jealous of what we did for your sister?" And I say. "No. I just don't care at all." And they say, well. now you've made out some too you know. And I don't care, hell, I'm gonna party there too anyway so what does it matter. So we were driving back from Nashville, and we ended up haviong to drive through DC and I'm at telling you it was just crazy and....

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